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In recent years, the demand for special interest tourism has increased significantly. Special interest tours, or SITs, offer customized travel experiences that cater to specific interests or hobbies. At Incentive Connections, we specialize in providing personalized SITs that go beyond conventional tourist offerings.


Our successful track record includes delivering a wide range of SITs, such as architectural tours, desert farming tours, culinary tours, educational tours, photography tours, and industry-specific tours like finance, insurance, and automobile retail tours. Our SITs involve visits to relevant businesses or organizations, meetings with industry professionals, keynote speeches, and opportunities to network with like-minded individuals.


We can tailor our itineraries to include special interest group travel activities, workshops, performances, competitions, behind-the-scenes experiences, and local introductions. Our team has the expertise and experience to create a bespoke travel experience that exceeds your expectations, no matter your area of interest.

Your evolving needs,

our dynamic solutions

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